Fantastiske opplevelser på Oslofjorden!

Firma/Båtleie Bygdøyfergen Fjord sightseeing Mini cruise Kveldsturer


FJORD SIGHTSEEING 2 timers fjordsightseeing inkludert billett til Bygdøyfergene Daglig kl. 1030, 1300 og 1530 kr. 459,-

BYGDØYFERGENE Fra Rådhuset Daglig fra 22/03 til 6/10 2024 Billetter

MINI CRUISE 50-minutters guidet mini-cruise med en av våre treskuter Daglig kl 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 og 15, Fra 18/05 T.O.M. 01/09 2024 Kr. 229,-

SOMMERKVELD PÅ OSLOFJORDEN 3 timers kveldscruise med rekebuffet Daglig fra 08/05 til 01/09 (kl. 19) og fra 02/09 til 29/09 (kl. 18) kr. 629,-

BLUES-CRUISE 3 timers kveldscruise med band og rekebuffet Lørdager fra 25/05 til 31/08 kr. 665,-

FJORD ROCK 3 timers kveldscruise med band og rekebuffet Fredager fra 05/07 til 26/07 Kr 666,-

JAZZ CRUISE 3 timers kveldscruise med band og rekebuffet Tirsdager fra 25/06 til 27/08 Kr 665,-

VINTERKVELD PÅ OSLOFJORDEN 1,5 timers tur med fiskesuppe Hver lørdag kl. 16-17:30 fra 12/10 til 28/12 kr. 595,-

GAVEKORT En sommerkveld på OslofjordenGi en enestående opplevelse av Oslofjorden i gave kr. 629,-

Fjord sightseeing

Opplev Oslofjorden på en klassisk guidet tur forbi mange av hovedstadens attraksjoner.

Vi seiler forbi trange sund, idylliske bukter og gjennom en labyrint av øyer med sommerhytter.

Det er den perfekte aktiviteten for en avslappende ettermiddag eller fredelig morgen.

Nyhet: Nå inkluderer sightseeingbilletten også turer med Bygdøyfergene samme dag!

2 timer

Audio guide

Kr 459,- Inkl. Bygdøyfergene

Guide på 13 språk

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Opplev Oslos horisont om vinteren

Når byen våkner til liv etter solnedgang, inviterer vi deg til en deilig matopplevelse.

Opplev den gode smaken av tradisjonell norsk fiskesuppe med ferskt brød mens du passerer gjennom en labyrint av snødekte øyer.

Enten du er turist eller lokal innbygger, vil denne kveldsturen skape en uforglemmelig stemningsfull vinterkveld.

1,5 timer


Kr 595,-

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Utforsk Oslo med et historisk fartøy

Opplev Oslofjorden på en klassisk guidet tur forbi mange av hovedstadens attraksjoner.

Vi seiler forbi trange sund, idylliske bukter og gjennom en labyrint av øyer med sommerhytter.

Det er den perfekte aktiviteten for en avslappende ettermiddag eller fredelig morgen.

2 timer

Audio guide

Kr 459,-

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En Sommerkveld på Oslofjorden

Opplev en uforglemmelig og stemningsfull kveld på Oslofjorden.
Len deg tilbake, nyt naturen og de vakre omgivelsene, mens du nyter reker fra vår fristende rekebuffet – som er inkludert i turen.

På utvalgte dager blir stemningen ekstra satt med liveband ombord; jazz på tirsdager, rock på fredager og blues på lørdager.

3 timer


Kr 629,-

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Kr 665,- pr person

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Kr 665,- pr person

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Fjord rock

Kr 666,- pr person

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Firmaturer / Båtleie

Våre båter er spesielt godt egnet til sommerfest for firmaer, private jubileer, representasjon og bryllup. Vi legger til rette for hver enkelt kunde, det være seg privat, bedrift eller organisasjon. Fornøyde gjester er vår største motivasjon!


Ta kontakt på sales@nyc.no for et uforpliktende tilbud

S/S Jomfruen

30 - 63 gjester
Maks anbefalt 63
kr. 8.500,- pr. time eks. mva

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M/Y Grace

4 - 24 gjester. Maks anbefalt 24.

kr. 10.400,- pr. time

kr. 100,- pr pers./time eks. mva
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S/S Christiania

63 -147 gjester
Maks anbefalt 110
kr. 9.900,- pr. time eks. mva

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Store Grupper

180 - 350 gjester
samlet på opp til flere seilskuter
Pris pr forespørsel

Forespørsel Store grupper

S/S Helena

70-180 gjester
Maks anbefalt 160
kr. 9.900,- pr. time eks. mva

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10 - 100 gjester

Sightseeingbåter "Båtservice" V og IX

kr. 7.500,- pr. time eks. mva

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Rådhuset - Dronningen - Bygdøynes - Rådhuset

Sesong varer fra 22. mars til 6. oktober 2024

Bli med på en historisk reise til Bygdøy ombord i våre autentiske båter fra 50-tallet. På denne 10-minutters turen får du oppleve en viktig del av lokalhistorien – Bygdøyfergen, som har vært i drift siden 1898.
Utforsk vår rike arv og nyt den unike atmosfæren mens du seiler av sted mot Bygdøy, en perle som byr på flotte naturopplevelser og spennende museer.

Billetter kan kjøpes i kiosk på Rådhusbrygge 3, ombord, på VIPPS #87970 og selvfølgelig her.

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Wendy RyenWendy Ryen
09:09 31 Dec 23
Very nice trip
Eric FranchiEric Franchi
09:48 29 Dec 23
travel with gemtravel with gem
15:49 03 Dec 23
Amazing service while touring the fjords in oslo. Would sail with them again. Summer is best for a tour of the Fjord as winter is too cold. Was still an amazing trip.⁸
Martina RoverselliMartina Roverselli
22:47 11 Nov 23
A wonderful evening spent, with excellent scenery! The shrimp buffet comes in very handy. Very tasty shrimp. Eat as much as you want. Drinks are not included in the price. Take a jacket and possibly a hat with you, as it gets cool in the evening. You can ask for a blanket. Very romantic especially in the evening when it is dark. The story about the fjords was a little lacking, but this did not affect the impression in any way
The CalkinsThe Calkins
05:54 25 Aug 23
This was a great cruise for an afternoon. There was a good amount of easy to hear commentary as the cruise goes by various areas, bathroom on board, available food, good choices of seating and a reasonable price! Great way to get a feel for the Oslo fjord.
22:11 15 Aug 23
An incredible tour experience around Oslo. They have a voice recording about all the destinations one goes to and is such a lovely way to see the surrounding area. It's really cool to check out the bathhouses around the islands and peninsulas.There is a bathroom on board, blankets are provided, and one can move about freely. They have tarps covering the boat on rainy days, towels to dry seats, and blankets for when it gets chilly. One can also buy food and drink on board, and this is a great place to try a Norwegian hot dog.Tours are 2-hours long and other than an evening dinner cruise, all are before 3:30 PM.
Hamid HokmabadyHamid Hokmabady
04:53 05 Jul 23
We had a trip to Oslo and all of a suden we decided to take this trip to Oslofjord and the day we had a ticket was all rainy! But eventhough it was rainy the trip was amayzing. I highly recommend to take this trip if you have a plan to see Oslo from the sea side too. If you ask me I would say take the chance even if it is rainy. The weather was a bit cold as it was raining but there are some blankets you can use inside the yatch. The crew are so friendly.
Barrie MooreBarrie Moore
12:08 22 Jun 23
Brilliant absolutely brilliant! Wonderful evening cruise! The shrimp snack! Was plentiful don't have your tea before you go as we did and therefore couldn't take full advantage! I've never seen so many shrimps! Also loverly salad too!!
Guillaume MontiGuillaume Monti
22:25 07 May 23
Great sightseeing tour, in a nice boat. Welcoming staff on-board
Herbert EdgewoodHerbert Edgewood
00:31 27 Dec 22
'Ello chaps!Batservice Sightseeing (Boat Service Sightseeing) is located in the heart of downtown Oslo (near Akershus Fortress). They offer a variety of "fjord" sightseeing tours.I say "fjord" because the region is within a "fjord" but the fjords one would imagine being in Norway are found elsewhere, such as near Bergen.Despite this, it's a great two hour tour, and costs about $40 USD. It's money well spent.You get great views of Oslo from the water, getting to see the water shore attractions such as the Oslo Opera House, but also the near by islands and summer homes.Snacks and drinks are available for purchase on board. You can pre-purchase tickets online or in person --- or on the spot, although some tours may fill up.Seating is on an open deck and available first come first serve, so be early for a good spot. They suggest one half hour prior to departure time.Overall I give Batservice Sightseeing 5 stars out of 5.
Michelle MartinezMichelle Martinez
23:46 04 Oct 22
This was a beautiful ride. Started on time, went smoothly and was a good value. Seating is close. My only complaint is that some inconsiderate man decided to start smoking. There should be a no smoking policy on this ferry.
Jack KellyJack Kelly
14:21 27 Jun 22
Took two trips with NYC - both were definitely enjoyableTrips to the museums were very convenient, easy and regularThe larger boat trips around the fjord offered some great views (we were lucky to go on a beautiful day, not sure it would be so fun without good weather). However, the organisation was a little chaotic. We arrived 25 minutes early (as you should to if you want good seats) but even still some tour groups were allowed to skip the queue and steal the best slots. I get that the company did a deal with these tours, but it feels unfair they can arrive at the last moment and be allowed to board first & take the best seats. Also worth noting, not everyone on our voyage even had a proper seat - so while we had a great time, make sure you arrive in early so you’re experience is good too
Ger VallelyGer Vallely
15:26 23 Mar 22
Beautiful 2 hour trip. Well worth the money. Blankets provided to keep you warm. Hot drinks available to buy on the boat. So many picturesque photo opportunities.