What is CO 2 – we hear about this – but what do we know about it? It harms mother earth and fortunately, we have a focus on CO 2.


Electrical cars, electrical bicycles, electrical ferries and so on. They all seem to be less harmful to our environment than diesel and gasoline driven engines. …or are they?


CO 2 is the chemical abbreviation for carbon dioxide a necessary gas, but it can also be harmful.


Necessary CO 2 is found naturally in both air and water. By photosynthesis in green plants and when living organisms breathe, the carbon dioxide goes through a cycle from death to living nature and from there back to the dead nature. CO 2 is therefore important for all life on Earth. CO2 affects the atmosphere’s ability to retain heat. Thus, the gas acts on our climate. Also, in this area, CO2 is important and necessary, but not just that.


Harmful CO2 is generated by the combustion of fossil fuels, coal, natural gas and petroleum products such as gasoline, diesel oil and several other types of oil. Parts of the industry and the transport sector release significant amounts of CO2. Because this gas is released into the atmosphere to such a large extent, it contributes significantly to man-made climate change.
We have decided to honor planet earth by making people aware of their carbon dioxide footprint. On our tickets sold we tell them how environmental they have been by choosing our service. Beneath all financial – we give them a sum of used CO2.


Kristian Qvigstad

Kristian Qvigstad


One of Norway Yacht Charters leaders Kristian Qvigstad is working tirelessly for the environment. He has lobbied the necessity to show all people their CO2 use. The main goal is to give receipts on all bought goods the CO2 value. This way people will become more aware of their consume and their footprint.



Being the green capital of Europe 2019, we are chosen to make way for new ways to make people more concerned with their personal consume. Governmental-vice they can put goals – but foremost importance in the war on harmful CO2 needs a mental change among me and you.


What you have today is less harmful to the world than the new you buy. For instance, try to remember that plastic bags are harmful – reuse.
Take the ferry to Bygdøy – this has less of a climate impact than you imagine. Possibly we might let our more CO 2 than some buses and cars, but far less than you expect. We will show on our receipts the amount we do let out – and become an inspiration and show to other companies on how to raise awareness of the CO 2 impact.