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Heggholmen Light house in the Oslo Fjord

The white building at Heggholmen, on the photos, is the oldest lighthouse in the Oslo fjord area, built 1826.

The very first light housekeeper at Heggholmen signed a contract to have this powerful light shining from his bedroom window to guide the ships towards the harbor at night. At that time only sailing ships were in use, and you can imagine the Light house keepers surprise when one night he woke when the bowsprit of a ship came crashing through the window of his bedroom.

Heggholmen is located on Heggholmen in inner Oslo fjord, at the main entrance to Oslo harbor. The lighthouse is built as a corner lamp on a wooden building. On the roof of the building there is a tower with a fog watch and nautophone. The building as today was built in 1876 and it was built in Swiss style. The lighthouse differs in this way from most of the other woods in the country. At its location in the inner Oslo fjord, the light house has great environmental significance.

The lighthouse gained electrical operation in 1928 as the first in Norway, and was automated in 1959. The four-quarter position was retrenched in 1972, and has since been unmanned.

Protection Status: protected by the Cultural Memory Act 1997

Owner: Oslo Havn

Today it is a meeting and representation room for Oslo Harbor.

Heggholmen light house

When passing the light house on the 2 hour sightseeing tour on the Oslo fjord, a lot of passengers belive this to be a church. This is a gem of lighthouses in the inner part of the Oslofjord.