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foto: NYC When does the sun go down?

When does the sun set?

Sunsets and sunrises.

The 21st of March is the vernal equinox.
The 25th of March change from winter to summertime.
The sun rises at 07:04.
The sun sets 19:43.


The 21st of June the summer solstice.
The sun rises at 3:54.
The sun sets 22:43.
The 21st of June is the longest day in Oslo during the year, a total sunlight time of 18:49:53 hours.


The 23rd September is the autumnal equinox.
The 28th of October Change from summer to wintertime.
The sun rises 07:28.
The sun sets 16:32.


The 21st December the winter solstice.
The sun rises at 09:18.
The sun sets at 15:12.
The 21st December is the shortest day in Oslo during the year, a total sunlight time of 5:54:12 hours.

Summertime and wintertime.

Due to the short days in winter and looong days during summer, we have summer time and wintertime. The times change during spring and during autumn - in 2018 dates for summertime was 25th of march and during autumn we set the clock back one hour the 28th of October.

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