Søte fristelser





Strawberry delights NOK 54
perfect with sparkling wine



Shrimps "naturelle" NOK 98


Wraps/focaccia NOK 116

Smoked salmon, salami, carrot cream


Small starters served in portion glasses NOK 162

Raw marinated scallops with cauliflower cream, apple vinegar and cruidite of apple & herbs
Pulled duck with creamy potato salad, deep-fried capers & beets
Asparagus bean salad with broccoli, sesame & vinaigrette

3 per person

25% VAT not included

Lunch buffet


Smoked salmon - scrambled eggs & kale
Shellfish salad - Nyr from Grøndalen farm
Chicken pastrami -  cannellini beans & rosemary
Roasted pork fillet - croutons & pesto
Fennel salami - pickles
Mortadella - herbs & potato salad
Carrot humus - pomegranate
Provolone cheese
Fresh salad
Bread & butter

Dessert of the day
NOK 355

A taste of Mediterranean


Raw marinated salmon - cucumber fennel & lemon viaigrette

Paprika roasted pork fillet - croutons & pesto

Italian cured meat - herb aioli

Chicken pastrami - cannellini beans & rosemary

Pasta salad - sundried tomato & basil
Carrot hummus - pomegranate

Artichoke & olive - marinated in thyme & black pepper
Tomato salad - basil & olive oil
Fresh salad
Well-preserved Italian cheeses served with tomato jam:
taleggio, pecorino romano, gorgonzola picante
Potatoes - olive oil & lemon & herbs

Fresh bread & butter
A selection of petit four
NOK 495

A taste of Norway


Fennel & Hitra crab salad - suger tongs emulsion
Raw burned Frøya salmon - sap-fermented cucumber & grated horseradish
Grated smoked salmon - dill mayonaise
Long-fried pork side - lovage & grated garlic
Salami from Ask - gooseberry & cardamom
Matured leg of mutton - pea sprout & Nyr
Asparagus beans - honey from Ullsrudbakken farm
Marinated kale - roasted sunflower seeds & "skjørost"
Potatoes - capers, shallots & sour cream from Røros
Stored "Høvding Sverres" chees - apple & caraway
Fresh bread & butter
A selection of petit fours
NOK 585

Seafood treasures


Fennel and Hitra crab salad - sugar tongs emulsion
Scallops ceviche - fermented lemon, yogurt & mint
Grilled sea crawfish - pickled tomato & lovage
Argentine wild shrimps - garlic, chili & parsley
Tuna salad - artichoke & fresh herbs

Shellfish salad - Nyr from Grøndalen farm
Raw burnt Frøya salmon - cucumber & dill mayonnaise
Smoked salmon - marinated kale & toasted sunflower seeds

Asparagus beans - horseradish & honey from Ullsrudbakken farm
Potatoes - capers, shallots & sour cream from Røros
Fresh bread & aioli
A selection of petit fours

NOK 715
25% VAT not included


3- course wedding meny


Price on request
25% VAT are not included in the prices. We reserve the right to alter menus and prices.