Strawberry snacks (fresh) NOK 62,-
Wraps/focaccia NOK 129,-
A taste of Norway served in portion glasses NOK 179,-



Norwegian shrimps served with mayonnaise, lemon, bread and butter NOK 355,-
A taste of Mediterranean includes a selection of petit fours NOK 535,-
A taste of Norway includes a selection of petit fours NOK 629,-
Seafood treasures includes a selection of petit fours NOK 769,-



Cheesecake/strawberry tart NOK 88,-
Strawberries and cream NOK 145,-
A selection of petit fours NOK 145,-
Coffee NOK 41,60

Lunch buffet


Pulled hot smoked salmon - herbs, lemon and capers (fish)
Herb confit country chicken
Fennel salami
Couscous salad - grilled peppers and parsley (gluten, wheat)
Salad of grilled pumpkin and kidney beans
Herb and pearl potato salad
Yoghurt - mint, garlic and cucumber (milk)
Hummus - smoked paprika and sesame (sesame)
Provolone piccante (milk)
Focaccia with aioli (gluten, wheat, egg, mustard)
Cherry Clafoutis (egg, gluten, wheat, milk)

NOK 399 ex VAT

A taste of Mediterranean


Mediterranean buffet A selection of our own imported cheeses from Italy (milk)
A selection of our own imported Italian hams and sausages from Golfera
Olives and artichoke hearts, mint and spinach
Cacio e pepe roasted potatoes with pepe nero (milk, egg)
Raw marinated mushroom boletus vinaigrette and horseradish
Tomato trio fresh and pickled tomatoes, as well as tomato jam
Hummus Turkish Esme (sesame)
Raw cut salmon fried capers, fennel and tarragon mayonnaise (fish, egg, mustard)
Confit chicken lemon, capers and thyme
Garlic-roasted broad beans, parsley and truffle mayonnaise (egg, mustard)
Couscous salad grilled peppers (gluten, wheat)
Basil grissini, focaccia and parmesan aioli (gluten, wheat, milk, eggs, mustard, unpasteurized cheese)
From our patisserie - a selection of our homemade desserts (milk, gluten, wheat, eggs, soya, traces of nuts)

NOK 535 ex VAT

A taste of Norway


Lyngenfjord prawns with sap-fermented cucumber, petals from Tolga and sugar kelp emulsion (shellfish, eggs, mustard, gluten, wheat)
Raw roasted salmon tossed in hardanger apple sauce, "broken" apple jelly and dill-infused cucumber (fish)
Historic tomatoes from Hanasand farm water and fried yeast cream (milk)
Cured leg of mutton from Kvaløya & grilled bread, stirred lingonberries and herbal cream (gluten, wheat, milk)
Pearl potatoes, capers, parsley and rapeseed oil from the Inland Salt-baked beetroot honey from Nesodden and Røros Sour cream (milk)
Fennel salami from Ask farm with baked Hokkaido pumpkin and Kvitkull
Spice-roasted pork side from Strøm-Larsen with carrot cream and mead herb (milk)
A selection of the best Norwegian cheeses served with tomato jam and Knekks from Røros (milk, gluten, wheat, barley)
Bread and aioli (egg, mustard, gluten, wheat)
From our patisserie a selection of our homemade desserts (milk, gluten, wheat, eggs, soya, traces of nuts)
NOK 629 ex VAT

Fish and shellfish


Boiled snow crab (shellfish)
Smoked fresh prawns (shellfish)
Dill eclair with crayfish cream (celery, shellfish, eggs, mustard, gluten, wheat, milk)
Salmon sashimi Spring onion and lemongrass vinaigrette (fish, soy, sesame, celery, gluten, wheat)
Apple with Snøfrisk and dill (milk)
Pickled tomato with sea buckthorn relish
Crispy salad, carrot and vinaigrette
Focaccia with parmesan aioli (gluten, wheat, eggs, mustard, milk, unpasteurized cheese)
Basil grissini with whipped seaweed butter (gluten, wheat, milk)
From our patisserie - a selection of our homemade desserts (gluten, wheat, soya, eggs, traces of nuts)

NOK 769 ex VAT

Additional choice seasonal price per kg:
½ American lobster with aioli (shellfish, egg, mustard)
Mussels steamed in Nduja, lemongrass and coconut cream (molluscs)
Crayfish with cucumber-fennel with horseradish mayonnaise (shellfish, egg, mustard)



3- course wedding meny


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25% VAT are not included in the prices. We reserve the right to alter menus and prices.