Terms & condititions


These are our terms

  1. Hourly rate:
    The vessel rental is based on time charter and includes crew, harbor fees and fuel. On motorized vessels there is a fuel surcharge for special speed or long-run. For pickup / delivery elsewhere than in Oslo Port, please calculatethe 1/2-hour price for empty driving. The hourly rate is calculated from the time the boat is booked, minimum 5 hours, and until the last guest is on land.


  1. Food:
    Food is served on all our boats. It is therefore not possible to bring your own food. Appetizers, light meals and lunch buffets are not served as a full menu on evening tours. There should be something on our menu for every taste and dietary requirement.
    If you have any other wishes, please contact us. We try to meet everyone's needs. Food orders must be with us no later than 8 days before departure.


  1. Beverages:
    If there is a desire for drinks other than those we stock, we must have received a binding order for these no later than 8 days before the date of the event. Serving alcohol on our vessels is subject to the same rules as for restaurants. It is not allowed to bring your own drinks, and the customer is obliged to make this known to their guests. Passengers who appear visibly drunk at departure will be stopped from boarding the boat. Violation of these provisions is considered to be a breach of contract and gives the captain the discretionary right to cancel the entire event, and if necessary put all passengers on land. The Company's loss due to such interruption will be claimed from the customer.


  1. Bookings:
    Contact our office to find out if the desired boat is available for the relevant date. When ordering, you will receive a contract for signing, order confirmation and an invoice for the order deposit (50% of the boat rental). The booking is only binding upon us when we have received a signed contract and a deposit must be paid within 8 days of ordering.


  1. Cancellation:
    We fully understand that the individual customer may cancel due to inconvenient circumstances. Due to the short and busy season, however, this means direct loss for us if this is not done well in advance. If cancelled up to 2 (two) months before the date of the event, half of the deposit is refunded. If cancelled later than two months before the trip, the entire boat rental must be paid. In addition, a sales compensation of NOK 200 per the boat’s minimum guest capacity must be paid. If cancelled less than 8 days before the date of the event, both boat hire and ordered goods must be paid in full. If in this case no food is ordered, a sales compensation of NOK 200 per the boat’s minimum guest capacity must be paid. If we receive another full order on the relevant cancellation date, the cancellation fee will be limited to a maximum of 25% of the boat rental. If the number of guests on a trip is below the minimum number of the boat, a turnover compensation of NOK 200 per guest below this limit will be charged.


  1. Limitation of Liability
    All our boats have passenger insurance. We cannot assume responsibility for forgotten or abandoned items. The Company disclaims any liability for loss of life, damage to a person or item which may be validly depreciated pursuant to Chapter 6 of the Martitime Act, or any other loss due to an accident or breakdown. In addition, liability limitation is governed by Chapter 10 of the Maritime Act.


  1. Weather reservations
    We're sorry, we cannot accept weather reservations. All the boats have comfortable lounges / cabins. Our experience indicates that the trip will be as successful in rainy weather.


  1. Live music
    When ordering live music for our tours, please note that wind and weather conditions may limit the possibility of playing on deck. There are also sound restrictions in some bays between the islands. We cannot reduce music fees if these limitations cause reduced playing time.


  1. Style fenders:
    Most of our boats have nice wooden tires as fenders. We therefore ask our guests to avoid wearing shoes with particularly sharp heels.


  1. Arrivals:
    Most of our vessels have regular seats at Rådhusbrygge 2. The rest are located at Aker Brygge. In the case of boarding or landing elsewhere in the fjord, this will normally be possible. However, we will not bear an economic loss if it appears that the selected pier at call is not physically available or safe due to other boats, or difficult weather, wind or ice conditions. Port charges may be incurred at these piers, which will be charged to the customer.


  1. Payment:
    You can choose whether the entire trip including food and beverages is to be invoiced or whether beverages are paid by the individual guest according to consumption. After the trip, you will receive an invoice for the assignment. This is net cash and must be paid immediately. If we have not received payment within 10 days from the invoice date, 1% interest will be added as well percommenced month. Private individuals and foreign companies, and companies that are unfamiliar to us will be billed for the whole boat rental and all ordered goods with payment due 8 days before the event.