Privacy declaration


Privacy declaration

Privacy declaration

This privacy declaration constitutes how Norway Yacht Charter AS (NYC) and Båtservice AS (BS), hereafter titled NYC/BS, collects and uses personal data.

NYC/BS is the data controller of the company’s processing of personal data. If daily responsibility is delegated, it will be stated in each section. Delegation encompasses only tasks and not the responsibility. The declaration includes information you are entitled to when data is collected from our website (The Personal Data Act § 19) and general information about how we process personal data (The Personal Data Act law § 18 1 . section)


Processing of personal data on NYC/BS

The manager has the daily responsibility for our processing of personal data on NYC/BS unless stated otherwise below. It is voluntary for visitors of websites to give personal data in connection with services, for example sending in tips and comments or signing up for the newsletter or other services. The processing basis is consented by the individual, unless specified otherwise.

We represent our own data processing, development and maintenance of the website. Our operational suppliers are WordPress, Super Office, Visma, Trekksoft and more. Data that is collected in connection with operating the website, is stored on dedicated servers that are operated by the mentioned operational suppliers. Only NYC/BS and the operational suppliers have access to data that is collected. NYC/BS has dedicated data processing agreements with the mentioned suppliers, that regulate which information they have access to and how this information is processed. These data processing agreements are placed with the manager.

As an employee/sailor with us, you are subjugated to the rules of the Norwegian Maritime Authority, and we will store both papers and digital data that is necessary for a minimum of 10 years. As a customer or potential customer, and to be able to provide good service, we store name, e-mail, address and phone number for 10 years. Persons that have not been in contact with us in the last 10 years will be deleted by a “cleanse” of the CRM system, once a year (4 quarter).


Network statistics

NYC/BS collect de-identified data about visitors on NYC/BS. The purpose of this is to develop statistics that we use to measure traffic and interest, as well as improving and developing the website. Examples of what the statistics provide answers to are how many visit different pages, how long the visit lasts, which website the user came from and which web browser is used. The processing basis for this is The Personal Data Regulation article 6 nr. 1 f), that allows us to process data that is necessary to maintain a justified interest that comes before regard of the individual’s privacy. This justified interest is to improve our services.

We use the analytical tool Google Analytics on our website. This is a tool that is installed on dedicated servers at Google.



Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer when you download a website.

Storing data and processing data from cookies is not permitted, unless the user of the website has been informed and has also given consent to the processing. The user is informed and consents which data is processed, what the purpose of the processing is and who is processing the data, cf. The Electronic Communications Act § 2-7b. This is done in the user’s web browser. Read more about how you manage cookies.

NYC/BS does not place any cookies with our users, but the analytical tools mentioned in the previous part can do this.


Sharing our material

When you share posts, information is put on the social network you choose, there and then. How the social network in question continues to process the data, is regulated by your agreement with the social network. Data about you sharing a post is not stored with us.


Data you send us and newsletter

When you send us e-mails, requests, feedback or comments, it is saved in our CRM system, labeled under you as an individual and will be processed by one of our employees. E-mails, requests, feedback and comments can be used for the purpose of providing better service, as well as sending e-mails and newsletter from us.