Munch - Salt - Dronningen (Viking ship museum) - Bygdøynes (FRAM) - Salt - Munch

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New ferry 2021

MUNCH - SALT - Dronningen - Bygdøynes - SALT - MUNCH

Lambda, the Munch Museum was completed during 2021. The new ferry connects these two museums areas. The ferry departs from MUNCH 10:00 and every hour until the last departure at 17:00


  • The fastest route between the museums
  • Bjørvika - Bygdøy takes 20 minutes
  • Departure from MUNCH
  • 1st stop SALT
  • 2nd stop at Dronningen (Norwegian Folk Museum, Viking Ship House, and Oscarshall)
  • 3rd stop at Bygdøynes (Kon-Tiki, Fram, and the Norwegian Maritime Museum).
  • Free with Oslo Pass.
  • Vipps 87970
  • #Ruter tickets are not valid on the ferries.


During the summer, many cultural activities will take place here, in addition to the fact that SALT is now peppered with food trucks, bars serving on the pier. Salt is also known for saunas on land and water. On an area of 5,000 square meters at the water's edge, we see several spectacular wooden structures designed by Sami Rintala. This art project is called SALT, with pyramid-like constructions called hoists and is based on traditional construction methods along the coast. Ardna, the fishing tripod, the Arctic pyramid, Langhuset, and the cozy boathouse Naustet make SALT a unique place for cultural events and nightlife. The broad program includes concerts, art projects, lectures, saunas, panel discussions, and other activities, seven days a week.


Lambda - Munch Museum dedicated to the painter Edvard Munch's work and life, including one of the most iconic and famous works in the world - The Scream. The building was completed in 2020. The architectural firm is «Estudio Herreros». The building is 58 meters high and has 13 floors. Inside the building, there are 11 exhibition rooms. 3 permanent exhibitions by Munch and the rest will be dedicated to temporary exhibitions by Norwegian, international, and innovative contemporary artists. Here you can also join concerts, literary readings, debates, and other cultural events. From the 13th floor, you can also enjoy a fantastic view.


  • Departures: Every hour
  • Duration: The entire tour takes 50 minutes
  • Route: Departure from MUNCH - SALT - Dronningen (Norwegian Folk Museum, Viking Ship House and Oscarshall) -Bygdøynes (Kon-Tiki, Fram, and Norwegian Maritime Museum) - SALT - MUNCH