S/V Legend

S/V Legend

Built in 1915


  • Kr. 9.600,- pr hour ex vat
  • 3 hour rent min. in daytime
  • 5 hour rent min. in afternoons and evenings


  • Max. number of guests180
  • Rec. number of guests60 - 160
  • Min. booking 60


  • Length: 30, 45 m (100´)
  • Width 6,54 m
  • Depth: 2,80m
  • Tonnage: 131 BRT
  • Engine: Detroit V12 360 HK

A proud and beautiful boat from 1915

S/V Legend was built in Holland in 1915 as a
sailing freight vessel. The engine was first installed in 1927. During her long life Legend has been involved in fishing in Greenland as well as smuggling of weapons during World War 2.

Today, as a guest, you can experience the atmosphere from the old sailship period, but still enjoy high level of comfort and security. With furnishing in teak and mahogany, tiled toilets and 2 large deck, the boat is a maritime experience in herself. 180 guests can be seated inside the boat. With too much sun a sunsail can be pulled over the main deck. On the aft deck 45 guests can be enjoy the cruise.


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