S/S Jomfruen

S/S Jomfruen

A beautiful wooden sailing ship from 1917

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A popular boat for special occasions

S/S Jomfruen was originally a merchant vessel, trading mainly along the Western Norwegian coastline between 1917 and 1984. In 1984 her comprehensive reconstruction began and was not completed until the spring of 1988. Jomfruen no longer has her original design, but she is an exquisite piece of craftmanship and has a very special atmosphere.  She is especially designed to seat parties of up to 63 guests. The main saloon is decorated in a rustic maritime style and the poop is made from the finest mahogany and cedar woods. In addition, Jomfruen has room on her decks for, dancing and other social activities.


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    +47 23 35 68 90


    • NOK 8.500 pr hour excl. VAT’
    • 3 hour rent min. in daytime
    • 5 hour rent min. in afternoons and evenings


    • Max. number of guests 63
    • Rec. number of guests 30 - 63
    • Min. booking 30


    • Length (hull): 19.70 m (65´)
    • Width: 5.30 m
    • Depth: 2.60 m
    • Tonnage: 49 GT
    • LF QS 93904