S/S Christiania

S/S Christiania

Three-masted wooden scooner

S/S Christiania three-masted scooner

The S/S Christiania is the largest wooden sailing vessel in the country and is moored in front of the City Hall. S/S Christiania was built in Finland in 1948. Her lines are beautiful and an attraction in the city. The passenger’s saloon is open and bright and has ample room for more than 90 guests. In the saloon one can see the vessel ́s solid dimensions, with a width of 7,5 meters and a standard of superior carpenter craftsmanship rarely seen today.

It is a pleasure to welcome you aboard the most beautiful vessel on the Oslo fjord!


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    +47 23 35 68 90


    • NOK 9.900 pr hour excl. VAT
    • 3 hour rent min. in daytime
    • 5 hour rent min. in afternoons and evenings


    • Max. number of guests 147
    • Rec. number of guests 65 - 110
    • Min. booking 65


    • Length (skrog): 33.20 m (110´)
    • Width: 7.45 m
    • Depth: 2.61 m
    • Tonnage: 123 GRT
    • Engine: Caterpillar 365 HK
    • Area of sail: 550 m2
    • VHF: LHJZ