Large groups

Large groups

Sailing together large groups of 200-500 guests

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  • Max. number of guests 500
  • Guests are agreed upfront
  • Menues are agreed upfront

For big celebrations or events

For conferences, congresses and social pleasure cruises with more guests than can be accomodated by one ship, we may use up to four wooden sailships.

The boats depart from the seaside of the City Hall and give the guests a unic fjord
experience among idyllic islands with summer houses and cosy bays showing the guests the
best of the inner part of the Oslo fjord.

After an hours the boats drop their anchors and are tied together giving the guests the possibility to socialise between the boats. The crew have prepared buffets and everything is ready for a remorable evening on the fjord, appreciated both by norwegian as well as foreign guest.

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